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New degree apprenticeships unveiled

Subject include electronic systems, aerospace, nuclear, and defence systems engineering

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Nine new degree apprenticeships have been unveiled, many in engineering, as prime minister David Cameron urged more businesses and universities to join forces to offer the programme.

Under degree apprentices, young people are able to study fee-free for a full degree while doing paid work for their sponsoring employer. Two thirds of the costs and fees are met by the taxpayer and the rest by the firm.

The new subjects on offer from this September are chartered surveying, electronic systems engineering, aerospace engineering, aerospace software development, defence systems engineering, laboratory science, nuclear, power engineering and public relations.

Cameron said: "Degree apprenticeships will give people a great head start, combining a full degree with the real practical skills gained in work and the financial security of a regular pay packet.

"They will bring the world of business and the world of education closer together, and let us build the high-level technical skills needed for the jobs of the future.

"I want to see many more businesses and universities begin to offer them."

So far more than 100 companies and 20-plus universities and colleges have signed up to the programme.

The announcement comes on the fourth day of National Apprenticeship Week. To discover what events are taking place near you click here.


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