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National Careers Service holds London Stem day

Lambeth event provides students with an insight into the Stem industry

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School students from Lambeth in London had the opportunity to attend a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (Stem) event organised by the National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda.

The aim of the event was to provide young people with an insight into the Stem industry sectors and the myriad of careers available to them in the future, to show young people that it is exciting, not just for boys, and that you do not need a university.

The day was packed with talks, demonstrations and interactive activities provided by industry leaders. It kicked off with media technology expert, Carl Stickley, who gave a presentation about the evolution of media technology.

Scientist Dr Louise Smith spoke about her journey into science and demonstrated how a simple gesture can change your brain’s chemistry to a positive effect. 

Jamie Pragnell, managing director of Appadoodle, discussed app technology which is revolutionising our everyday lives and students got the chance to undertake a simple coding exercise.

The afternoon session provided an opportunity for some of the students to have a tour of an underground heating system with Pinnacle Engineering, while the rest learned why resilience is a key skill in the workplace.

The day ended with students having a chance to speed date eight employers to find out more about the Stem industry sectors which included 3D printing for medical use, accountancy, construction, energy, social media and clinical research.


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