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Anthony Best Dynamics

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ABD is a growing company with a highly regarded reputation in the specialised areas of vehicle suspension, steering and noise & vibration. The company has a particularly strong background in vehicle suspension and has been involved in projects such as the suspension design of the McLaren F1 road car and active suspension for Jaguar.

We have also been involved with more diverse projects such as assisting in finding a solution to the ‘swinging’ Millennium Bridge in London.

Our primary focus now is the design and manufacture of test equipment that is used by vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers to design and develop vehicles with better ride and handling.

Examples of our products include:

- A Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine: This is a large test machine which is used to measure the kinematics (geometric) and compliance (flexibility) characteristics of vehicle suspension in the laboratory, aimed at improving the dynamic behaviour of vehicles.

- In-vehicle Robots: We manufacture a range of robotic actuators that are designed to put repeatable steering, braking and throttle inputs into a vehicle for test and development applications. Our robots are used by many vehicle manufacturers for applications including vehicle characterisation and ‘roll-over’ testing. Developments include a Driverless Test System that enables potentially dangerous vehicle tests to be performed on the test track without a driver in the vehicle. 

- Noise and vibration testing systems for product quality control: These are used on test rigs at the end of the production line and also for measurements in vehicles.

Our products are continually evolving as we seek to respond to customer requirements and stay ahead of the competition. Most of our products are exported to overseas countries including Japan, China, America, Sweden, India, and Brazil. There are many opportunities for overseas travel and the opportunity to interact with engineers from the leading car companies.

We need graduates who are bright, innovative, technically excellent,practical and who want to be good engineers. You will work in small enthusiastic project teams and be expected to make an important contribution. You will have a good degree in engineering or a related discipline at first degree, Masters or PhD level and, ideally, some practical experience in engineering. You will probably have completed a creative engineering project as part of your studies.

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