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Aside from financial security, why should I become an engineer?

Some professions, such as banking, are better paid than engineering. But are they as rewarding and are they as enjoyable?

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Some professions, such asbanking, are better paid than engineering. But are they as rewarding and are they as enjoyable? The answer is probably not.

Engineering has an awful lot going for it. Engineering is an enormously diverse sector which evolves as technology changes. That means there’s never a dull moment. By its very nature, a job as an engineer requires problem solving on a daily basis.

Then there’s the opportunity for travel and working abroad. Many engineering firms are multinational, with offices all over the world. Engineers are needed in some pretty far-flung and exotic places – on oil rigs, in the Antarctic, in deserts, on ships. That means an unsurpassable variety of career opportunities. You could end up doing something that you’d never imagined, in a place you’d never heard of. That’s quite an exciting proposition.

Often the work is hugely rewarding. Few professions can claim to bring as much benefit to society as engineers do. Whether it’s solving energy problems, providing transport infrastructure in developing countries, or designing the latest medical equipment – engineers are at the heart of efforts to make the world a better place. 

It’s a role that has an element of real prestige: engineering is a respected profession that is highly regarded across the globe. 

And finally there’s the chance to work with some great colleagues. Recent research in Professional Engineering, the monthly magazine of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, showed that the vast majority of engineers would, if given the chance, choose the same career path again. 

Engineers enjoy what they do. It’s a profession with high standards and challenging work, but there’s a lot of fun and enjoyment to be had along the way, too.


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